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Collection Development @ SJSU Library


San Jose State is one of 23 campuses within the California State University.  With a faculty that is active in scholarship, research, technological innovation, community service, and the arts, SJSU takes pride in and is firmly committed to teaching and learning.[1] 

In support of the University’s mission, San Jose State University Library is committed to collecting, maintaining, preserving, and providing access to resources for all of the disciplines taught by the University.  Librarians collect in a variety of formats, adapting approaches that provide for the current and prospective needs of our patrons.  The Library’s primary collection priorities are curricula and research support for faculty and students. 

Materials are purchased in the format that most effectively delivers the information needed by the discipline.  The departmental pages and Appendix A of the policy provide further detail on collecting levels.

SJSU Librarians regularly assess the Library’s collections for quality, accessibility, and relevance.  Quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the collection include benchmarking, list-checking, usage statistics, and citation analysis.  Periodic evaluation of the print collection is conducted to determine whether the collection is supporting curricular changes and developing research by faculty and students.  Withdrawal of titles is subject to procedures outlined in the Academic Senate Library Policy S15-10 sec. 7.2.

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All collection development polices are organized by college located through the left-hand toolbar.