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Collection Development @ SJSU Library

Collection Development Policy -  Counselor Education

Last Updated: 2018

Programs Supported

The Department of Counselor Education prepares students for professional guidance, counseling and personnel work in K-12 settings. It offers a School Counseling Credential and a Masters Degree program.  Not all SJSU education students attend classes at the downtown campus. There are a sizable number of students from the Counselor Education Department who are enrolled in Web-based classes or television education classes or satellite locations such as Sacramento, Monterey, etc.

Existing Resources

The University Library serves as the main resource for this subject.


The Education liaisons work in tandem with the Psychology liaison; and other liaisons are consulted as necessary. One Education liaison is a voting member of the College of Education Curriculum Committee—a committee comprised of one representative from each of the eight departments, College Leadership and others. Membership on this committee allows proactive participation in changing the curriculum, offering new courses and obtaining new resources necessary to support the College of Education.

Materials Collected

A.    Languages – English language only.
B.    Geographical Areas – Primary emphasis is on the United States: Occasional materials on other countries or regions of the world may be purchased.
C.    Chronological Periods – Contemporary topics are of primary importance, but some historical materials are acquired.
D.    Current / Retrospective Materials – Emphasis is on current materials.

Collection Strengths 

The strength of the education collection is the growing number of electronic resources available to support the on-and-off campus programs.  Some of the resources used by the education faculty and students are shared with other disciplines; most notable are PsycInfo, Education Full Text, Education Research Complete, and others that support the wide variety of topics researched by education faculty and students. Currently, full text access to ERIC documents is available through the EBSCOhost vendor.  The periodicals collection has been enhanced by the addition of full text databases to the collection.

Evaluation of Collection

Academic Senate Policy

According to Academic Senate Library Policy S15-10, periodic evaluations of the print collection are required to maintain the high quality of the academic collection, with the primary goals of improving the effectiveness of browsing and providing space for new acquisitions. The objectives include relocating materials, and weeding duplicate materials and materials that support discontinued programs.

Future plans for the collection are to:

● Increase the number of e-books available in the catalog
● When fiscally able, purchase the unlimited-user options for e-materials
● Continue to locate and obtain items pertaining to multicultural aspects of counselor education.