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Collection Development @ SJSU Library

Collection Development Policy - Sociology & Interdisplinary Social Sciences

Last Updated: 2018

Programs Supported

Selection for this program is designed to support undergraduate education leading to a BA degree in two major tracks in Sociology with concentrations in Community Change and Social Interaction; and Social Science Teach Preparation (Multiple and Single subject). The Department also houses and provides concentrations in the following area studies: Asian American Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology, and Woman, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Selection for this subject is also designed to support the MA in Sociology. 

Existing Resources

In addition to supporting the area with printed materials that is also a range of electronic collections that include essential research databases and journal subscriptions.  Given the multiple areas of studies, there are also subscriptions available of essential electronic tools as well.  Print materials and ebooks are selected based on course instruction, library instruction, student consultations with librarian, and popular culture.  Classical works that remain relevant in the discipline are determined by the factors listed.  Research methodologies is also an area of selection.  If liaison librarian does not also select in the race/ethnic areas or the AAACNA Center, collaboration is essential. 


Due to the close relationship between particular areas of sociology and several other social science disciplines coordination with liaisons and with the AAACNA Center may be required.

Collection Strengths

The library has a strong collection of monographs in the area of GLBT studies, sociology of marriage and the family, and sociology of sex roles. In recent years we have been working to build the monograph collection in criminology. The University Library has a very good core collection of sociology journals which are available through our electronic databases. The University Library has purchased a number of films to support the Department's curriculum.  The AAACNA Center's collections provide a strong foundation in the area of race/ethnic studies. In addition the MA in Chicana & Chicano Studies also assists in the strengths of the research materials. 

Evaluation of the Collection

The evaluation and selection of the materials (print, digital, and databases)  is based on several factors: faculty recommendations, student research, liaison experience, and current national and international affairs. 

In 2013 the collection was reviewed for deselection proposes.  Duplications were also reviewed and duplicates were removed.

In preparation for the 2003 move to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, a review of the book collections in sociology located in the Senter Road storage facility was completed in 2001 and a large number of books were selected for weeding by the sociology liaison and the faculty of the Sociology Department.

SJSU Library Liaison will:

● Continue selecting monographs using the library selection plan following the guidelines in section IV to support the curriculum.
● Continue evaluating web-based databases for possible purchase if funds permit.