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Learn how to create permanent URLs for the library's electronic resources: databases, journals, articles, ebooks, etc


1.  The permalink is not working:

                  --does not go directly to the item

                  --a 404 not found page

                  --window with some stuff about adding the URL to the EXproxy and hostname is ...

                  --wants a password or won't let me access the article


Check the following:

                  --confirm that you copied the entire URL, especially if a DOI

                  --check that there are no spaces between the proxy URL and the permalink or within the permalink

                  --confirm that the journal coverage holdings are accurate or that the library has a current subscription

                  --check that the proxy URL is included in the permalink (required for off campus access and authentication)

                  --check that the proxy URL is not included for open access resources, password required ones, or a catalog records


2.  What if I can't figure out the permalink or there isn't a permalink?

                  --Consider providing a citation and instructions to search an appropriate database 

3.  Who do I contact for help?

               --Contact your subject librarian
               --Contact Christine Holmes, Electronic Resources Coordinator

4.  I have a question about Permalinks and Course Reserves?

               -- Here's the Course Reserves webpage. Phone: 408-808-2344.  Email: