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Learn how to create permanent URLs for the library's electronic resources: databases, journals, articles, ebooks, etc

ABC-CLIO permalinks

For ABC CLIO you have a few options:

1.  Follow the instructions found under the A-Z Databases Tab in this guide.

2.  Use the permalink in a OneSearch record.

OneSearch permalink for ABC CLIO


3.  When at the ABC CLIO website, use the URL found in the browser window when making permalinks for ABC-CLIO databases. 

The library proxy URL will need to be added to the front of the ABC-CLIO URL.

Here's an example:

Add the proxy URL --


ABC CLIO permalinks


ABC-CLIO databases

ABC Clio Ebooks.
African American Experience.

American Government
American Indian Experience.
Daily Life America.
Daily Life Through History Premium.
Latino American Experience.
Pop Culture Universe.
World Geography.
World History: The Modern Era.