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Learn how to create permanent URLs for the library's electronic resources: databases, journals, articles, ebooks, etc

ScienceDirect DOI

The URL found in the browser address bar may be used as a permalink.  Below are instructions for creating permalinks if you are on campus or off campus .

If you are on campus, and you want to create a permalink,  you will need to add the library proxy prefix   

Here's an example:

The URL in the address bar is a permalink, but, please add the the library proxy prefix so that authorized SJSU users will have access if they are not on campus.


ScienceDirect on campus


If you are off campus, simply copy and paste the entire URL in the address bar.  It already has the library proxy prefix needed for the permalink and correct authorization.   Don't worry that the proxy prefix is not in front of the ScienceDirect URL. 

ScienceDirect Off Campus