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Library Course Materials (LCM) by Leganto

Create Reading Lists using the Library Course Materials tool in Canvas. This tool integrates electronic articles, streaming media, digitized content, physical materials, and more into a single list so students can access all their course materials in one

Add items to your Reading List using One Search


The SJSU library offers a host of great resources free for you and your students. You can add items to your Library Course Materials Reading List or to your collection and then placed in a course reading list at a later time. 


1. Search the library catalog OneSearch for an article, book, book chapter, or any other type of resource you would like to include to your collection or course reading list. Please note that you can limit your search to online materials available from SJSU. 

2. Once you found an item that you would like to add to your Library Course Materials Reading List or collection, select Export to Reading List (a.) and Sign in using your SJSU ID and Password. 

3. Select Collection or Reading List (b.). If you select the reading list, please specify the list (c.) and section (d.) that you would like the reading list to appear in. Then select Add to Reading List (e.) and then Done (f.)








Publish your Reading List & When to send your List to the Library for Review


Publish your List

When you're ready for students to view the reading list, click Publish on the top menu or from the ellipsis menu in the upper left-hand corner of the site. 











When to send your list to the Library

If you need help with copyright clearance or to add a physical copy to course reserves.

(Please contact your librarians for help with sending copyright materials or adding items to course reserves).

Send your reading list to the library for review by selecting Library Review on the top menu bar or Send to Library by clicking the ellipsis menu to the left of your section.



To send a message to the library

  1. Go into the reading list 
  2. On the right side of the page, Select Message the Library
  3. Add the text and submit a comment