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Library Course Materials (LCM) by Leganto

Create Reading Lists using the Library Course Materials tool in Canvas. This tool integrates electronic articles, streaming media, digitized content, physical materials, and more into a single list so students can access all their course materials in one

Read and Respond Assignments in Library Course Materials (LCM)

Instructors can create Read and Respond assignments on course materials, requiring students to read and annotate PDF files as directed by the instructor. Read and Respond assignments are seamlessly integrated into the course page in Canvas, and the easy-to-use LCM grading dashboard synchronizes the students’ grades with the LMS grade book. 


Creating a New Read and Respond Assignment


To create a LCM Read and Respond assignment, create a new assignment in Canvas, and then add the following:

  •  An assignment name.
  •  Additional detail/instructions.
  •  The desired points for the assignment.
  •  A due date for the assignment.

Note that you can fill in any required information to create the assignment, but LCM only uses the values for the number of points and  the due date.



  1. For the submission type, choose External Tool, and then click "Find."







  1. Select "Library Course Materials Assignments" from the list of options.













Important information before proceeding



  • This feature requires that you have a LCM reading list for the course. If there is not,  you will see the screenshot to the right, indicating that there are no resources for the course.
  • If you see this message after selecting the external tool, please review the section of this LibGuide titled, "Create your Reading List." Then return to this page to create your assignment.





Upload a File or Use an Existing LCM Resource



  1. Once you select the appropriate external tool, a wizard to create a new assignment opens.








  1. You have the option to upload a file, if you would like to assign a PDF which is not already on your resource list.

Note: Uploading a file here will add it to your Leganto resource list.








  1. Or, you can also choose from any of the PDFs already on your resource list.











  1. If you choose from your resource list, select the appropriate citation name from the Resource drop-down list.

Note: the drop-down list only includes citations with PDF files.


  1. Add the assignment title and instructions for the student.


  1. Then select "CREATE."





  1. Check the box to, "Load this tool in a New Tab," as it gives students the full screen space to complete the reading and the assignment.



  1. Now click "Save & Publish" at the bottom of the screen. 





PDF Annotations


Once a Read and Respond Assignment is created, select the link in Canvas to access it. The instructor can see the grading dashboard, showing the students and the status of the assignment per student.

  1.  Select View assignment to view and edit the Read and Respond Assignment.

  1. If desired, the instructor can add annotations to the file that all students will see when they view the assignment.

  1. To do this, simply select the relevant text, click the comment bubble, and add your comment(s) to the right.

  1.  Once finished, click Save.



Student View


Students can access the Read and Respond Assignment from within Canvas.


  1. Selecting the link to the assignment opens the Read and Respond assignment.





  1. Students can view the assignment details, as well as any annotations from the instructor, and can add annotations to the file as directed (as seen in the image below).

Note: If the student leaves without submitting the assignment, annotations are saved.




  1. When the assignment is complete, the student selects "SUBMIT" on the bottom right-hand corner, to submit the assignment.



  1. They will then confirm their submission.

Note: The student cannot make any further changes once the assignment is submitted.



Post Scores


Once students have submitted the assignment, the instructor will grade the students’ work. Now when you click on the assignment as the instructor, you can see an overview of the students’ submission status.



  1. Click on "Start Grading," in the upper right-hand corner, to view the first ungraded assignment.




  1. You can view each of the annotations, and when you’re ready, give the student a score and add any additional comments for the student.


  1. Click "Save" to save your work and remain on this student’s assignment, or click "Save & Next" to navigate to the next student.



  1. When you’re finished, you can close out of this tab to return to the gradebook. When you refresh the screen, you will see the updated status for each student, as well as the score and the comments you added.


  1. When you’re ready, click on "Post Scores," in the upper right-hand corner, to post the scores to Canvas.