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Library Course Materials (LCM) by Leganto

Create Reading Lists using the Library Course Materials tool in Canvas. This tool integrates electronic articles, streaming media, digitized content, physical materials, and more into a single list so students can access all their course materials in one

Library Course Materials Instructions

  1. Create a new list 
  2. Associate your reading list to a course
  3. Organize and add content to your reading list. Organize your reading list by weeks. Search library books, articles, videos, and other materials to add to your reading list 
  4. Publish your reading list and when to send your list to the library 
  5. Adding Collaborators. Owners can give collaborators the right to edit or manage a list. Collaborators can also make a duplicate of the list so that they can use it and edit the list to make it their own.

Please see the step-by-step instructions below 

Create a New List


1. Select New List 

2. Enter the Title of the Course

3. Enter Course Description

4. Select Create 






After you create your new reading list, complete the following:

1. Edit your list to change the start and end date that the list will be available to students. (If no date is entered, the list will not open to your students.) 

2. In order for students to view the reading list in the course canvas module, a course must be associated to your reading list. (See directions below) 

Associate your Reading List to a Course 


After you create your reading list, Library Course Materials will ask you to Associate to course. If you select NOT NOW, please remember to associate to course before the start of the semester. 

Search course by instructors last name, a course ID (ARTH 126), or course number (28631)  


To update or change course association:  

1. Select the three dots ... on the top navigation bar 





2. Select Manage Course Association

Search for course by course ID or course number







Adding Collaborators


Adding Collaborators to your Reading List

When you associate your course with several sections. The instructors for each section will automatically be added as a collaborator and as an instructor.

You can also add additional collaborators. This can be useful if you would like to share your list with another instructor. There will also be times when you need to add a librarian or library staff to your list to conduct copyright clearance (please see copyright clearance tab for more information) or add new materials that have not been added to the library catalog OneSearch. 



If you would like to add an instructor, staff, or librarian to your list, select the arrow to expand the Collaborators tab. Please add your librarian if you are going to request copyright clearance or request the library to purchase a new book for your course. 

Select Manage Collaborators




Enter names or email addresses and send an invitation to your collaborators. They will be notified via email. After a collaborator has been added. The list manager can have collaborators access to edit list or manage list.