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Music: Collected Editions

A guide to identifying and locating music works published in collections owned at the SJSU Library

Tartini - Tchaikovsky

Tartini, Giuseppe, 1692-1880.

Le opere di Giuseppe Tartini, 1st ser., ed. E. Farina and C. Scimone (Milan, 1971–) [FS]. M4.T37 F4. IMP T1955.



Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich, 1840-1893.

P.I. Chaykovsky: Polnoye sobraniye sochineniy [Complete works], ed. B.V. Asaf'yev and others (Moscow and Leningrad, 1940–90) [T]. IMP T2513.

P.I. Chaykovsky: Novoye polnoye sobraniye sochineniy [New complete works] (Moscow and Mainz, 1993) [NTE]. Not in library. IPM T2512.



Telemann, Georg Philipp, 1681-1767.

Georg Philipp Telemann: Musikalische Werke, ed. Gesellschaft für Musikforschung, M. Ruhnke, W. Hobohm and Zentrum für Telemann-Pflege und -Forschung, Magdeburg (Kassel and Basle, 1950–) [T]. IMP T2683.

Georg Philipp Telemann: Orgelwerke, ed. T. Fedtke (Kassel, 1964) [F]. Not in library. Not in IPM.

Severinus Urtext Telemann Edition, ed. I. Payne (Hereford, UK, 1995–) [P]. Not in IPM. Not in library. Individual volumes may be available through Link+

Frankfurter Telemann-Ausgabe, ed. E.F. Fiedler and others (Frankfurt, 1996–) [FTA]. Not in library. Not in IPM.


W. Menke: Thematisches Verzeichnis der Vokalwerke von Georg Philipp Telemann, i [church cantatas] (Frankfurt, 1982, 2/1988); ii [other vocal] (Frankfurt, 1983).

M. Ruhnke: Georg Philipp Telemann: thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis seiner Werke. Telemann-Werkverzeichnis (TWV): Instrumentalwerke (Kassel, 1984–99) [i, keyboard music, chamber music without bc or for 1 inst with bc; ii, chamber music for 2 or more insts and bc, Polish dances, sinfonias, divertimenti, marches; iii, concertos and orchestral suites] [TWV; Anh. = Anhang].