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Music: Collected Editions

A guide to identifying and locating music works published in collections owned at the SJSU Library

Obrecht - Ockeghem

Obrecht, Jacob, d. 1505.

New Obrecht Edition, ed. C. Maas and others (Utrecht, 1983–99) [M]. Works cataloged individually and shelved as: M3.O2 M2x 1983. IPM O1325.

Werken van Jacob Obrecht, ed. J. Wolf (Amsterdam and Leipzig, 1908–21R) [W]. IPM O1335.



Ockeghem, Johannes, d. 1496?

Johannes Ockeghem: Sämtliche Werke (Messen I–VIII), ed. D. Plamenac, Publikationen älterer Musik, Jg.i/2 (Leipzig, 1927); rev. 2/1959 as Masses I–VIII, Johannes Ockeghem: Collected Works, i; Masses and Mass Sections IX–XVI, ed. D. Plamenac, ibid., ii (New York, 1947, 2/1966); Motets and Chansons, ed. R. Wexler with D. Plamenac, ibid., iii (Philadelphia, 1992) [P]. IPM O1621; O1623.

Johannes Ockeghem: Masses and Mass Sections, ed. J. van Benthem, i– (Utrecht, 1994–) [B].IPM O1629. Not in library. Check Link+