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Music: Collected Editions

A guide to identifying and locating music works published in collections owned at the SJSU Library

Cabezon - Chopin

Cabezon, Antonio de, 1510-1566.

 Gesamtausgabe der Werke, ed. by Charles Jacobs. Brooklyn, NY: Institute of Mediaeval Music, c1967-1986. 5 vols. No works list in Grove Music. IPM C1145.



Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849.

Wydarie Narodowe Dzieł Frederyka Chopin [Polish national edition], ed. J. Ekier (Warsaw and Kraków, 1967–). Shelved as M3.C557, volumes cataloged separately. IPM C5493. 

Complete works, according to the autographs and original editions with critical commentary, ed. by Ignacy J. Paderewski. Warsaw: Fryderyk Chopin Institute, 1949-. IPM C5495.


M.J.E. Brown: Chopin: an Index of his Works in Chronological Order (London, 1960, rev. 2/1972) [B].

J.M. Chomiński and T.D. Turło: Katalog dzieł Fryderyka Chopina (Warsaw, 1990) [CT]. Not in library. Request from Link+

K. Kobylańska: Rękopisy utworów Chopina: Katalog (Kraków, 1977; Ger. trans., 1979) [KK]. Not in library. Request from Link+

Clemens non Papa - Compere

Clemens non Papa, Jacobus.

Clemens non Papa: Opera omnia, ed. K.P. Bernet Kempers, CMM, iv/1–21 (1951–76) [K i–xxi]. IPM C6262.


Clementi, Muzio, 1752-1832.

Oeuvres complettes de Muzio Clementi (Leipzig, 1803–19/R) [O]. Library has reprint. IPM C6266.

The London Pianoforte School, i–v, ed. N. Temperley (1984–7) [LPS]. Not in library. Some individual volumes available through Link+. IPM C6271.

Muzio Clementi: Opere sinfoniche complete, ed. P. Spada (Milan, 1975–8) [S]. IMP C6267.

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Compere, Lyset, d.1518.

L. Compère: Opera omnia, ed. L. Finscher, CMM, xv (1958–72) [F]. M3.C7. IPM C7382.


Corelli - Couperin

Corelli, Arcangelo, 1653-1713.

Arcangelo Corelli: Historisch-kritische Gesamtausgabe der musikalischen Werke, ed. H.J. Marx, i–v (Cologne. 1976–) [M]. IPM C7973.

Les oeuvres de Arcangelo Corelli, ed. J. Joachim and F. Chrysander, Denkmäler der Tonkunst, iii (1871) [JC]. IPM C7976.

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Cornelius, Peter, 1824-1874.


P. Cornelius: Musikalische Werke, ed. M. Hasse (Leipzig, 1905–6/R) [H]. M3.C63 1971. IPM C8145.

Thematic catalog:

 G. Wagner: Peter Cornelius: Verzeichnis seiner musikalischen und literarischen Werke (Tutzing, 1986). Not in library. Check Link+



Couperin, Francois, 1668-1733.

François Couperin: Oeuvres complètes, ed. M. Cauchie and others, i–xii (Paris, 1932–3) [C]; rev. K. Gilbert and D. Moroney, ser.I–V and suppl. (Monaco, 1980–) [GM; vols. in square brackets are in preparation]. IPM C8562.

François Couperin: Leçons de ténèbres à 1 et à 2 voix, ed. P.-D. Vidal, Le pupitre, viii (Paris, 1968) [V]. IMP C85642. Not in library. Request from Link+

François Couperin: Pièces de clavecin, ed. K. Gilbert, Le pupitre, xxi–xxiv (Paris, 1969–72) [G xxi–xxiv]. Library has: book 1  book 2   book 3  book 4. IPM 85651-85653.    

François Couperin: Neuf motets, ed. P. Oboussier, Le pupitre, xlv (Paris, 1972) [O].IPM C85648. Not in library. Request from Link+ 

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