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Music: Collected Editions

A guide to identifying and locating music works published in collections owned at the SJSU Library

Billings - Boccherini

Billings, William, 1746-1800.

 The Complete Works of William Billings, ed. K. Kroeger and H. Nathan (Charlottesville, VA, and Boston, 1977–90). 4 vol. Oxford Music Online lists collections only, not individual works. IPM B5982.

Thematic catalog

Boccherini, Luigi, 1743-1805.


Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles, pubd Janet and Cotelle (Paris, 1818–22); Collection de trios pour deux violons et basse, et pour violon, alto et basse composés par L. Boccherini, ed. Janet & Cotelle (Paris, 1824) [incl. numbering; JC]. Not in library. Not in IPM.

Le opere complete di Luigi Boccherini, ed. P. Carmirelli (Rome, 1970–85) [quintets; C]. IPM B6644. Not in library. Request from Link+

Luigi Boccherini: Sämtliche Sinfonien, ed. A. de Almeida (Vienna, 1977–95) [A]. IPM no. varies.  Not in library. Some volumes available from Link+.

Luigi Boccherini: Edizione critica delle opere, ed. A. Pais (Padua, 1977–) [P]. Call number varies by title of volume. To locate these volumes in the library, search the online catalog by editor (Pais) and composer (Boccherini). Volumes are located on the 5th floor. IPM B6647.

Thematic catalog



Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897.

Johannes Brahms sämtliche Werke, ed. H. Gál (i–x) and E. Mandyczewski (xi–xxvi) (Leipzig, 1926–7/R) [BW]. M3.B82. IPM B8134.

Johannes Brahms: Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke (Munich, 1996–). Grove Music: NA, by ser./vol. IPM B8133. Not in library. Request from Link+

Thematic catalogs:

The N. Simrock Thematic Catalog of the Works of Johannes Brahms. New introd., including addenda and corrigenda by Donald M. McCorkle. New York: Da Capo Press, 1973.

Thematic catalog of the collected works of Brahms. Enl. ed., edited with a foreword by Joseph Braunstein. New York: Ars Musica Press, [1956].   


Brumel - Buxtehude - Byrd

Brumel, Antoine d’, ca. 1460-ca.

 A. Brumel: Opera omnia, ed. B. Hudson, CMM, v/1–6 (1969–72) [H]. IPM B8935.

Buxtehude, Dietrich, 1637-1707.

Dietrich Buxtehudes Werke, ed. W. Gurlitt and others, i–viii (Klecken and Hamburg, 1925–58/R): IMP B9918; continued as Dieterich Buxtehude: The Collected Works, ed. K.J. Snyder, C. Wolff and others, ix–xvi (New York, 1987–) [CW]. IPM B9917.

 Thematic catalog


Byrd, William, 1542 or 3-1623.

  The Byrd Edition, general ed. P. Brett (London, 1970–2004). 17 vols. [B] [incl. D xv, xvii]. IPM B9953.

 The Collected Works of William Byrd, ed. E.H. Fellowes (London, 1937–50) [F]: IPM B99553; rev. under general ed. T. Dart (London, 1962––70) [D].  IPM B9955.

 Not in the library:

William Byrd: English Church Music, Part I, ed. P.C. Buck and others, TCM, ii (1927) [TCM ii]. IPM B99557.

William Byrd: Gradualia, Books 1 and 2, ed. P.C. Buck and others, TCM, vii (1927) [TCM vii]. IPM B99558.

William Byrd: Masses, Cantiones and Motets, ed. P.C. Buck and others, TCM, ix (1928) [TCM ix]. IPM B99567.

William Byrd: Psalms, Sonnets and Songs of Sadness and Piety, ed. E.H. Fellowes, rev. P. Brett, EM, xiv (2/1963) [= D xii]. IPM B99576.

William Byrd: Songs of Sundry Natures, ed. E.H. Fellowes, rev. P. Brett, EM, xv (2/1962) [= D xiii]. IPM B9958.

William Byrd: Psalms, Songs and Sonnets, ed. E.H. Fellowes, rev. T. Dart, EM, xvi (2/1964) [= D xiv]. IPM B99573.

William Byrd: Keyboard Music I, ed. A. Brown, MB, xxvii (1969, rev. 2/1976);

William Byrd: Keyboard Music II, ed. A. Brown, MB, xxviii (1971, rev. 2/1976). IPM B99565.

William Byrd: Music for the Lute, ed. N. North (London, 1976) [15 transcrs. for lute of kbd and vocal works, and doubtful works]. IPM B9960.