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Music: Collected Editions

A guide to identifying and locating music works published in collections owned at the SJSU Library

Gabrieli - Gaffurius - Galan - Gallius - Gesualdo

Gabrieli, Giovanni, 1557-1612.

Giovanni Gabrieli: Opera omnia, ed. D. Arnold and R. Charteris, CMM, xii (1956–) [A i–xi]. IPM M5755.

Giovanni Gabrieli: Composizioni per organo, ed. S. Dalla Libera (Milan, 1957–9/R) [L i–iii].  Not indexed in IPM.

Thematic catalog:

Catalogue: Giovanni Gabrieli (ca. 1555–1612): A Thematic Catalogue of his Music with a Guide to the Source Materials and Translations of his Vocal Texts, ed. R. Charteris (New York, 1996).

Gaffurius, Franchinus, 1451-1522.

 Franchinus Gafurius: Collected Musical Works, ed. L. Finscher, CMM, x (1955–60) [F i–ii]. IPM G1312.

F. Gaffurio: Messe I–III, ed. A. Bortone, AMMM, i–iii (1958–60) [G i–iii].  IPM G1316.

F. Gaffurio: Magnificat, ed. F. Fano, AMMM, iv (1959) [G iv]. IPM G1315.

F. Gaffurio: Mottetti, ed. L. Migliavacca, AMMM, v (1959) [G v]. IPM G1318.

Anonimi: Messe, ed. F. Fano, AMMM, vi (1966) [A].  IPM A6159. 

Liber capelle ecclesie maioris: Quarto codice di Gaffurio, AMMM, xvi (1968) [facs. of Librone 4 (olim 2266), which was badly damaged by fire in 1906; attrib. taken from earlier inventories: see Sartori, 1953, and Ward, 1986] [Lib.4].  Not in IPM.

Milan, Archivio della Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, sezione musicale, Renaissance Music in Facsimile, xiia–c [=librone 1–3, I-Md olim 2269, 2268, 2267] (New York, 1987) [Lib.1–3]. Not in library. IPM G1320. Check Link+


 Galan, Cristobal, ca. 1630-1684.

Cristóbal Galán: Obras completas, ed. J.H. Baron and D.L. Heiple, Gesamtausgaben, xii (1982–). IPM G1465.


 Galliculus, Johannes, 16th century.

Johannes Galliculus: Gesamtausgabe der Werke, ed. A.A. Moorefield, Gesamtausgaben, viii (Brooklyn, NY, 1975–). IPM G1658.


 Gesualdo, Carlo, Principe Di Venosa, 1560-ca. 1613.

Carlo Gesualdo: Sämtliche Werke, ed. W. Weismann and G.E. Watkins (Hamburg, 1957–67) [W]. IPM G3934.