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Music: Collected Editions

A guide to identifying and locating music works published in collections owned at the SJSU Library

An index to major composers' collected works editions in the King Library

The alphabetic index in this LibGuide identifies the collected works editions for major composers located in the King Library. It gives the citation from Oxford Music Online with the abbreviation used for the edition in the works list for that composer. By clicking on these titles, you will retrieve the record for the edition in the library's online catalog.

Following each citation is the Master Bibliography No. for that title in the Index to Printed Music. Thematic catalogs located in the library are identified with a link to the online catalog record.

Editions cited in Oxford Music Online that are not owned by the library may also be listed. If you need a copy of a work from one of these editions, you might be able to borrow the volume or request photocopies of a specific work through Link+ or Interlibrary Services. Use the Index to Printed Music, the Oxford Music Online, or another source to identify the exact volume and page numbers you need before you submit an ILS request.


Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750.

J.S. Bach: Werke, ed. Bach-Gesellschaft. i–xlvii (Leipzig, 1851–99/R) [BG]. IPM B1196

J.S. Bach: Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke (Neue Bach-Ausgabe), ed. Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut, Göttingen, and Bach-Archiv, Leipzig, ser. I–VIII (Kassel and Basle, 1954–) [vols. in square brackets are in preparation] [NBA; CC = Critical Commentary]. IMP B1195.

 Thematic catalogs:

 W. Schmieder: Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis der musikalischen Werke Johann Sebastian Bachs: Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (Leipzig, 1950, enlarged 2/1990, rev. and abridged 1998 by A. Dürr, Y. Kobayashi and K. Beisswenger as Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis) [BWV; A = Anhang].

H.-J. Schulze and C. Wolff: Bach Compendium: analytisch-bibliographisches Repertorium der Werke Johann Sebastian Bachs(Leipzig and Frankfurt, 1985–) [BC]. Not in library. Check Link+