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Records Management Policies and Procedures

Records management entails consistent systems throughout campus guiding how and when records are created, accessed, stored, and/or discarded. This guide includes advice on working with the University Archives, identifying records and their sources, develo

9.4 Records of Departing Individuals

Incorporating records management into your off-boarding procedures can ensure continuity through changes in staffing and leadership. Consider how your off-boarding procedures can address the following questions:

  • What was the person’s work?
  • How is that work reflected in records?
  • Where are these records stored?
  • Are any of these records vital to the ongoing operations of the office or organization?
  • Are any of these records governed by the CSU Retention Schedules?
  • Are any of these records archival?
  • Which records will depart with the person and which will stay behind?
  • Who will have access to the records when the person departs?

Addressing these questions may prompt actions such as moving files to new drives, changing access permissions on electronic folders, or moving physical file folders from one filing cabinet to another.