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Records Management Policies and Procedures

Records management entails consistent systems throughout campus guiding how and when records are created, accessed, stored, and/or discarded. This guide includes advice on working with the University Archives, identifying records and their sources, develo

5.3 Student Organizations

Student activities, achievements, and experiences are a vital aspect of the university’s history, and researchers often seek documentation of these. In addition to serving our researchers, the University Archives hopes to be a resource for SJSU student organizations to preserve and learn from their own histories. Leaders of student organizations are encouraged to contact the University Archivist regarding options for preserving their historical materials, which include maintaining an internal archive with guidance from the University Archivist, transferring materials to the University Archives, or identifying an archival institution outside of SJSU that might be better aligned with the organization’s goals. In general, student organizations should consider processes for retaining the following types of records:

  • Policies & Bylaws
  • Agendas and Meeting Minutes
  • Memos
  • Internal Reports
  • Self Studies
  • Annual Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Media/Public Relations Records (e.g. Press Releases)
  • Membership Records
  • Flyers, Posters
  • Event Programs
  • Photographs and Scrapbooks

Not every item on this list will be applicable to every student organization, and there may be additional items not listed that would be vital to a particular organization’s archive. Additionally, each student organization should consider how the retention of records may support or endanger their mission or their members, especially for organizations that include members from vulnerable communities.