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Records Management Policies and Procedures

Records management entails consistent systems throughout campus guiding how and when records are created, accessed, stored, and/or discarded. This guide includes advice on working with the University Archives, identifying records and their sources, develo

3. The Politics of Information in Archives

Archives are not neutral. The creation, use, description, preservation of and access to a record result from a series of decisions made by individuals or organizations that have particular perspectives and goals, and various levels of power and privilege. Historically, archives have prioritized the histories, interests, and needs of people in power, leaving marginalized communities silenced and/or misrepresented. Transforming this dynamic requires intentional action. The San José State University Archives is committed to working in authentic partnerships with under-documented communities on campus to address any records management barriers and support the documentation of communities’ experiences and accomplishments whether or not the University Archives becomes the selected repository for those materials.