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Network Analysis of “The Simpsons” Season 4

This is another top character analysis, not of movies, but of the famous TV show, called "The Simpsons."  The analysis process is extremely similar to the process used in the movie character analysis above.  

This particular network analysis focused on characters from season 4.  



Based on the chart above, they found that there are 213 Characters (represented by Nodes) who appeared in only 1 episode in Season 4, but a total of 20 characters who appeared in more than 11 episodes out of 22. 

Then, they built network of top characters (non-weighted in green-colored chart, and weighted in red-colored chart).  See below for details:


Based on the top character networks above, they built ego network of characters.  See below:


Finally, they obtained many insights.  One of the insights is the top ten character list as below:

For more details, please read the analysis here