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Basic Guide to Using Gephi

This guide will teach you about Gephi

How to set up Gephi

Step 1: Import Report that will give you a report of number of nodes, edges and type of graph

(Insert 1 chart)


Step 2: Graph Visualization: Use your mouse to move and scale the visualization, and Locate the “Edge Thickness” slider on the bottom

(Insert 2 charts)

A graph should now show


Step 3: Layout the graph: Set up the attributes of your graph & Control the layout

(Insert 1 chart)


Step 4: Set up the color, and the result table

Insert 3 charts)


Step 5: Metrics – Calculate the average path length for the network

(Insert 3 charts)

Metrics Setting

Metric Result

Step 6: Ranking Size - three new values need to be set up

  • Betweeness Centrality

  • Closeness Centrality

  • Eccentricity

Then, click on the size icon and set up the size.

(Insert 2 charts)


Step 7: Layout Adjustment

(Insert 1 chart)

Step 8: Show labels – Display node labels, label size setup and set it with the scale slider

Step 9 to step 11 (Community-detection, partition, filter) are more advanced skills.  Please see the tutorial file directly for practice. 

Step 12: Preview – Select the preview tab to preview your analysis graph

(insert 3 charts)

Previewed Graph

Step 13: Export & Save the project 

(insert 2 charts)