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Basic Guide to Using Gephi

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Analysis of Jet Flightier Distribution Across the Globe

To manage or prepare a compact, technical requirements are not the only things that matter when selecting new fighter aircraft. The origin of the supplier of jet fighters is also an important element. Above is an example of where people found jet fighters for piloting jets. 

The chart above uses nodes to represent connection between origin of jet fighters and type of jets. Each dot represents a different jet fighter model. These dots represent in which countries that the jet fighters came from. The bigger dot mean more types of aircrafts that are used by the country. Different colors are used to represent different regions. Red represents the former Soviet Union countries. Green represents the Asian countries. Yellow represents the Western European countries. Blue represents the United States.

In addition, this chart also has edges. Every edge links an aircraft model to the country that purchased that specific model.

In summary, this visualization shows connections between jet models and Jet fighters (including where they came from).