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Basic Guide to Using Gephi

This guide will teach you about Gephi


The digital humanities are a community of practices that brings together researchers, engineers and teachers who use digital tools in their research in the humanities and social sciences and/or have “digital” as the object of study in their respective fields. Here is a French-speaking digital humanities that is a community of interdisciplinary exchanges in essence. They are structured around an association and generally have an annual event. The event is THATCamps, where there were workshops to allow their members sharing experiences and critical reflections of research in the humanities and social sciences.

Part of the THATCamp data is Paris site data between 2010 and 2015 datas. Please look at the graph above. A team compiled the registration data for the 6 French-speaking THATCamps (one per year since 2010). This data was then cleaned and processed to derive a network of participants. This graph gives us a visual representation of all of the participants in all of the six French speaking THATCamps. Every person who participated has a connection to an event that he or she participated in. The participants at the center in larger size and green bubbles are the ones who participated in multiple THATCamps events. The larger size and darker colored bubbles represent those who participated in more events.