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Things to Know

The Spartan Daily is the SJSU newspaper. Digitized issues, 1931-present are available through Scholarworks, SJSU’s institutional repository platform. The Spartan Daily is a recommended starting point for any search about the history of the university or events that impacted campus as it can help you gather contextual information, learn about key names and programs, and immerse yourself in the time period you are studying as a foundation for deeper searches in other resources. Browsing the Spartan Daily can also aid in selecting a research topic if you are not certain what to research.

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What to Search For

The Spartan Daily is often though not always an excellent resource for any of the following:

  • Dates of events

  • Reporting on sports seasons

  • Names of players, coaches, faculty, etc.

  • Game or match results

  • News stories about athletes

  • Current events that put a sporting event in context

How to Search

1. To search the digitized Spartan Daily, begin at

2. Enter a keyword in the search bar.


3. After entering the search term, you may opt to narrow down your results using the options on the left side of the screen. Narrowing by publication year is often helpful. You may need to click “more” to see the year you want to focus on.


TIP: This search function can be challenging and it may take some time to get familiar with navigating this resource. Start with broad and simple searches by using single words. As you see the results retrieved, begin to narrow your search with more specific terms and add one word at a time. This helps make sure the search engine does not overlook potentially valuable resources. Use “quotation marks” around a phrase to retrieve results with that exact phrase.

4. On the right side of your search results you will see a list of resources accessible by clicking the title highlighted in blue. This will take you to more information about the resource. You can also use the “download” button to open the item as a pdf in a new browser tab.  


5. You can search for words and phrases in the pdf of an issue by opening the "find" feature in your browser (Ctrl+F on a PC and newer Macs, Command+F on older Macs). You can search the issue for the names of sports, students, faculty, building names, coaches, or events. Words you search for will be highlighted, and the search bar will let you jump to each appearance of the word. You may need to zoom in to see what you are looking for.


TIP: This function will only find exact words in the exact order you search. Start by searching one word at a time, or even partial words. Sometimes the text is misread by the text-reading software and this will affect what results it retrieves. Sometimes the articles themselves also contain typos. It can be a good idea to search partial words or possible misspellings.