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General guide for Humanities; also includes resources for Asian Studies, American Studies, Creative Arts, European Studies, Jewish Studies, Liberal Studies, Middle East Studies, and Religious Studies.

Requesting Articles not Available at SJSU


  • Before requesting articles sign in to your SJSU Library account
  • When requesting an article not available at SJSU, make sure you are on the full records page (click on the title of the article you want to request to get to the full records page)


The following images detail different scenarios on how to get articles not at SJSU; please look at them carefully to avoid your request being cancelled!


Scenario 1: Article is not available at SJSU but can easily be obtained directly from within OneSearch


Scenario 2: Article is not available at SJSU but does not currently have the option of ordering directly it via OneSearch. In these rare cases, you will have to order the article manually through InterLibrary Loan. For more information on how to do so, please consult the InterLibrary Loan pages.