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Resources for SJSU Librarians


This libguide is intended to help familiarize you with SJSU's Martin Luther King Jr. Library and resources necessary for working here.

Some general library resources:


Information on parking permit, parking garages, and employee payroll deduction can be found here: Parking Services

Key Card

If your supervisor hasn't already requested a building key card for you, you can request one here: SJSU Library Key & Building Card Access Request Form

Key Cards are your Tower ID, and give you access to the library building, and staff only areas.

Getting to know your colleagues and administration

Library Liaison Directory

SJSu Library Staff Directory

SJSU Campus Directory

Organizational Chart

HR related inquiries

Library HR Specialist: Evelia Sanchez (

Time-off Request: Fill out the form to request vacation, personal day, research, and RSCA day

You do not need to report absences or request time-off for leaving early, arriving late, or taking off for an hour or two during the day. Just make sure your supervisor is aware and signed off on your expected time out.

All librarians need to enter Absences once a month. Monthly deadlines for entering absences on SJSU @ Work can be found on the library's master calendar.

Part Time Employees: When entering your absences, be aware that regardless of your actual schedule, the system assumes you are working 5 days a week.

  • Example: So if you are working 32 hours a week at 8hr/4 days a week, the system has you down as 6.4 hours/5 days a week. To report an absence for one 8-hour day, you would put it in the system as 6.4 hours on the day you missed, and an additional 1.6 hours the following day. If you have questions about this, reach out to Evelia Sanchez for clarification.

To enter absences, go to one. --> search SJSU @ Work --> Self-Service --> Time  Reporting --> Report Time --> Report and View Absences

1) Type of Absence: select the type of absence taken from the drop down menu. If no absence is taken that month, select "No Leave Taken"

2) Date: select a start and end date for leave taken, if no leave is taken, leave dates to the default first and last date of the reported month.

3) Balance: this will show how many vacation, sick, or personal holiday days you have currently. Balance will always correlate to the type of absence selected.

4) Hours per Day: enter the number of hours missed for each day of absence.

5) Add or Delete a line: to report additional absences, select the "+" button to add a line. To delete a line, select the "--" button

6) Submit: when you have finished reporting your absences, select submit. Your absences will now show in the box above titles "Existing Absence Events." The "Absence Status" column will show as "Approved" once your supervisor has approved them.

IT related inquiries

For hardware, software, Internet connectivity related issues, contact the Library IT department: