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Resources for SJSU Librarians

Collection Development

Liaison librarians are responsible for selecting, acquiring, managing, and delivering licensed, free, and researcher-generated data collections to support campus research and scholarship.

As for March 2020, the library is purchasing ebooks only. The Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship will announce when this policy changes. 

The general workflow for developing collections is as such:

  1. Librarian uses domain knowledge ("Collection enhancement") or a request from liaison faculty ("Faculty request") to select books and ebooks. 
  2. Librarian checks both of our ordering platforms, GOBI and Rialto, for accessibility and price, and submits requests. Please refer to the Ordering tab for specific steps. 
  3. Tech Services receives request and evaluates for duplication and accessibility. If there are questions, Tech Services will notify the librarian. 
  4. If an individual item costs more than $500, Tech Services forwards the selection to the Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship for approval. 
  5. Tech Services informs you when the item has arrived. The librarian should verify the permalink and then share with interested parties. 

The tabs on this guide will walk you through each step of the process. 

Librarians enhance their collections based on their own knowledge and experience. It takes place at designated times, when the Dean of Research and Scholarship or the Faculty Directors make an announcement, usually with a time frame, such as "We are open to collection enhancement at this time; please place orders no later than May 1st."  You will use GOBI or Rialto to place your collection enhancement requests. 

For collection enhancement, you may wish to use some of the following resources, as well as journals, reviews, and materials you find on your own: 

Occasionally, your faculty will contact you requesting access to specific materials. In turn, you can review their request, ascertaining that we don't already have access to the materials. If the material is not duplicate, you can select the item in one of our ordering platforms, GOBI or Rialto, and submit the request. A general workflow for Faculty Requests;

  1. Faculty asks librarian for specific item, usually by email.
  2. Librarian checks to see if we already have the item in OneSearch. If so, share the permalink with the faculty.
  3. If we don't have the item, check our ordering platforms, GOBI and Rialto. Is the item available in the. U.S.? If it's an ebook, are there restrictions to how many users may access? Is the item under $500? 
  4. Submit the order within the ordering system. In the Internal Note field in Gobi, indicate the email/name of the faculty memberr and add "notify me" if you'd like to be notified when the item is available. Since most faculty requests are considered rushes, email Technical Services to indicate the rush. 
  5. Technical Services or Electronic Resources will email you when the item is available. Verify link and share with the faculty. 

When you place an order for books or ebooks, you will want to use Rialto or GOBI, which are our current vendors. We are generally phasing out GOBI. 

Please use the following resources, which contain directions ad screenshots,  to place orders.

Reading List by Leganto is a tool used to create reading lists and integrate your list in Canvas courses. Librarians and instructors can add electronic articles, streaming media, digitized content, physical materials, and more into a single list so students can access all their course materials in one place.  

We have multiple tools and resources to help you analyze your collection. In general, you do not need to analyze your collection unless a special project is assigned. 


Alma, which is owned by Ex Libris, is a unified library services platform.  It is the backend of OneSearch.


Alma Analytics

Alma Analytics is a tool used for analyzing your collection. SJSU staff has created templates for common reports. Please see the Ordering tab for specific instructions. 


Gobi is the ordering and selecting interface for our primary book vendor YBP/Ebsco. Gobi url is Log in with your SJSU email the password given to you by Tech Services.


Leganto is software program that offers Reading Lists. It integrates with Canvas so that faculty instructors can create reading lists in their courses with links to electronic sources in the library. 



OneSearch is the library's forward-facing online catalog, or discovery service. 



Rialto is an ordering interface that is integrated with Alma. See the Ordering tab for instruction on how to use.

Tech Services

Tech Services refers to the library team which manages orders. When contacting Tech Services, you may wish to email both Karen Schlesser, 
Head of Resources & Analytics,, and Elena Seto, Acquistions/Contracts Analyst,