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Open Textbooks

Case Studies

Nursing students are constantly given new cases that tests their skills and thinking on the job. Here are a few case studies for the students to read and learn  during their educational learning at school. 

Ebooks in the Library

SJSU King Library

The library has an extensive collection of ebooks on a variety of topics. To find what is available, enter your subject in the library catalog followed by "ebooks." For example: "supply chain management" ebooks. Putting quotes around your topic area means the catalog will search on the phrase ("supply chain management") rather than each word separately.

Almost all of the library's ebooks are multi-user. This means that your whole class could access the book simultaneously and for free!

Assessment Tools

Healthcare professionals are using the latest and hottest technology's,as well as, recommending them to their patients. Here are a few of the tools they are using.