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Ebooks in the Library

SJSU King Library

The library has an extensive collection of ebooks on a variety of business topics. To find what is available, enter your subject in the library catalog followed by "ebooks." For example: "supply chain management" ebooks. Putting quotes around your topic area means the catalog will search on the phrase ("supply chain management") rather than each word separately.

Almost all of the library's ebooks are multiuser. This means that your whole class could access the book simultaneously and for free!

Use the ISBN of Your Current Textbook to Find Free Alternatives

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Online Textbooks

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Course Modules


Online Business Courses from Saylor

The mission of the Saylor Foundation is to make education freely available to all. Following is the list of online business courses the Foundation offers. You can mine these courses for their syllabi and readings or use entire online units.

You'll find the link to their site at the bottom.

Foundational Business Courseware

    BUS101: Introduction to Business     

Core Program

    BUS103: Introduction to Financial Accounting     
    BUS105: Managerial Accounting     
    BUS200/ECON101: Principles of Microeconomics     
    BUS201/ECON102: Principles of Macroeconomics     
    BUS202: Principles of Finance     
    BUS203: Principles of Marketing     
    BUS204: Business Statistics     
    BUS205: Business Law and Ethics     
    BUS206: Management Information Systems     
    BUS208: Principles of Management     
    BUS209: Organizational Behavior     
    BUS210: Corporate Communication     

Elective Courses

    BUS300: Operations Management     
    BUS301: Human Resource Management     
    BUS303: Strategic Information Technology     
    BUS305: Small Business Management     
    BUS306: Advertising and Promotion     
    BUS401: Management Leadership     
    BUS402: Project Management     
    BUS403: Negotiations and Conflict Management     
    BUS404: Risk Management     
    BUS501: Strategic Management