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This guide includes resources for creating and deploying a chatbot in a library setting.

Business Benefits

  • Provides users with information
  • Eases information overload (Direct access to information without having to navigate a website or app)
  • Increased user engagement on a website
  • Can be on multiple types of technology platforms simultaneously (Website, Desktop PC, Kiosk, etc.).
  • Provides customer service, human resource support, and ordering services to users
  • Frees up time for employees and customer representatives to focus on more complex questions and tasks
  • Allows users to practice skills and enhance learning (Duolingo has debuted bots for users to practice Spanish, French, and German)  
  • Provides virtual world enhancement and gaming support (Second Life has animated chatbots that act as information guides and greeters and players will interact with them) 

Library Benefits

  • Potential to improve how users interact with collections and other library and museum services
  • Provides tailored information services to users
  • Potential to teach information literacy
  • Makes library websites more engaging, allows users to stay on the library website for longer
  • Users are put at ease about asking "stupid" or embarrassing questions
  • May help make up for budgetary or staffing shortfalls
  • May free library staff to focus on more demanding research and tasks uniquely suited to humans
  • Use as a marketing tool for reference services, familiarizing users about the variety of available resources and services