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This guide includes resources for creating and deploying a chatbot in a library setting.

Chatbot Description

Name: Kingbot 

Purpose: Provides directional and technical information and basic reference to King Library patrons after online reference hours are over. 

Technology: Dialogflow / Kommunicate, Springshare (Widget) Drupal 7

  • Dialogflow is a natural language program developed by Google. It allows you to design a chatbot while requiring no prior coding skills. We use Dialogflow as the conversational AI behind Kingbot.

  • Kommunicate is the third-party program we use to display Kingbot on the SpringShare chat widget on the library website. Any user interface element that you encounter when talking to Kingbot is thanks to Kommunicate.

Kingbot Project Timeline

  • 2018: Kingbot developed by emerging technology interns Sharesly Rodriguez and Dana Ronquillo
  • 2020: Kingbot further developed by Rodriguez as UX Librarian
  • 2022: User research study performed, gaining insights on user behaviors and needs

Try our latest version

To try our newest version of the chatbot by clicking the blue button on the right side of the screen:

Chatbot button displaying, "Need help? Talk to our After Hours Chatbot!"

OR visit the Kingbot webpage on the library website.