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This guide includes resources for creating and deploying a chatbot in a library setting.

Chatbot Development Resources

These select resources assisted with the development of Kingbot. Each provides foundational information and knowledge on how to create an effective chatbot.

The Ultimate Beginners Chatbot Guide (Kommunicate, 2023)

  • A comprehensive guide to chatbots, including types of chatbots, important terminology, notable features to look for, and more. This guide was published by Kommunicate, the program we use to display Kingbot's user interface!

19 Best UX Practices for Building Chatbots (Seo, 2017)

  • User Experience principles that you can apply to chatbot creation.

Towards Best Practices for Chatbots (Ferman, 2018)

  • A comprehensive source on important practices when designing a chatbot. Includes interviews with chatbot designers.


Image of Dialogflow logo

Dialoglow is a free-to-use chatbot development program created by Google. SJSU King Library uses Dialogflow as the base program for Kingbot, storing user queries and the intents we have created.

The following resources provide instructions on how to get started with creating your very own chatbot for your website!

Build Chatbots with Dialogflow (Google)

  • Step-by-step video course on creating a chatbot with Dialogflow. This course provides hands-on activities.

Dialogflow Tutorial For Beginners

  • Provides the basics on using Dialogflow, with included images and easy-to-follow video tutorials.