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ChAD 106: Concepts of Childhood

Resources are identified to cover topics regarding child health; child labor; education; and children in armed conflict.

Writing Resources

Wake Forest University Library has a very easy to use tool for APA style.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) developed at Purdue University has online resources for planning a paper, organizing the paper, grammar and format assistance, etc.

 Plagiarism tutorial is an interactive tool to help students understand the concepts of acceptable citing versus plagiarized citing.

 A very useful guide to using APA has been developed at Nova University

The University of North Carolina has a good handout on developing and writing a Literature Review

APA and adding DOI to references


The library does not keep a list of recommended proofreaders. However, visit Uloops for SJSU at for a list of people with their self-posted qualifications. 

Publishing Resources

Top Journals - from Google Scholar