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Reading List by Leganto

Create Reading Lists using Leganto. Leganto integrates electronic articles, streaming media, digitized content, physical materials, and more into a single list so students can access all their course materials in one place.

Reading List by Leganto Instructions

  1. Create a new list 
  2. Associate your reading list to a course
  3. Organize and add content to your reading list. Organize your reading list by weeks. Search library books, articles, videos, and other materials to add to your reading list 
  4. Publish your reading list and when to send your list to the library 

Please see the step-by-step instructions below 

Create a new list

1. Select New List 

2. Enter the Title of the Course

3. Enter Course Description

4. Select Create 





After you create your new reading list, complete the following:

1. Edit your list to change the start and end date that the list will be available to students. (If no date is entered, the list will not open to your students.) 

2. In order for students to view the reading list in the course canvas module, a course must be associated to your reading list. (See directions below) 

Associate your Reading List to a course

After you create your reading list, Leganto will ask you to Associate to course. If you select NOT NOW, please remember to associate to course before the start of the semester. 

Search course by course ID (ARTH 126)  or course number (28631)  


To update or change course association:  

1. Select the three dots ... on the top navigation bar 





2. Select Manage Course Association

Search for course by course ID or course number

Organize and add content to your reading list


Organize Reading Lists by Sections

1. Create a new section 

2. Title section, for example, Week 1 Readings 

3. Provide a description for section

4. (Optional) Decide when to make readings available by calendar 

5. Create your section 

Add content to your reading list

1. You can search for library materials in Leganto to add to your reading list sections. 

2. Click the blue + button to gain access to this feature.

3. To the right of your sections, select Search.

You can search for items by title, author, or by keyword. 




Add PDF to your reading list

Please note that users can create content and upload a pdf so that students can gain access to readings via Leganto Reading List. 


Add using OneSearch

A reading list must be created before you can add content using OneSearch. 

Sign in to your library account using your SJSU ID and SJSUOne Password before searching.

When you find a resource you would like to add a resource click on the three dots ...  next to the pushpin icon.

Identify your list and section then click on ADD TO READING LIST. 

For detailed instructions, please see Add items to your Reading List using OneSearch. 






Publish your reading list and When to send your list to the library

Publish your List

When you're ready for students to view the reading list, click Publish from the ellipsis menu in the upper left-hand corner of the site. 









When to send your list to the Library

If you need help with copyright clearance or to add a physical copy to course reserves, you can send your list for review or a note to library staff.  

Send your reading list to the library by selecting the ellipsis menu to the left of your section or you can send the full list by selecting SEND LIST. 







To send a message to the library

  1. Go into the reading list that they need help with...
  2. Select Library Discussion
  3. Add the text and submit a comment