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Child & Adolescent Development

ChAD 164 Resources

This page includes class specific resources for ChAD 164

Tips for Project #1

Format: “parenting style” AND (developmental outcomes keywords)

Example: “attachment parenting” AND (“speech development” OR “language development” OR “cognitive development”)

Tips for Research - Domain Keywords

Searching for a particular development domain? Here are some keywords to try for each!

Cognitive Domain

(e.g., thinking, learning, understanding, gaining knowledge, perceiving; ideas; beliefs; attitudes; identity formation; etc.)



(e.g., relationships with family, significant others, peers, classmates, professors, staff; interactions with others; group memberships and activities, cultural relationships, etc.)

Emotional Domain

(e.g., self-esteem, pride, shame, sympathy, empathy, mental health, stress, anxiety, joy, happiness, anger, hopelessness, etc.)

Physical/ Physiological Domain

(e.g., health (such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, STDs/HIV/AIDS), fitness, nutrition, physical activities, etc.)