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Child & Adolescent Development

Assignment Calculator

The Assignment Calculator can help you develop a timeline fore researching, writing and submitting your papers. 

Useful Tutorials

Finding Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • A quick introduction on how to find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles using SJSU's databases.

Plagiarism Graduate-Level Tutorial

  • 16 minutes for all 3 modules. Learn strategies for avoiding plagiarism.

Note Taking

  • Quick advice on how to take notes as you research.

Art of Topic Development

  • Learn how to go from a vague idea of what you'd like to research to a strong, specific topic.

Customizing Google Scholar

  • Learn how to customize Google Scholar so you can use SJSU GetText.

Need help with your research topic or writing the paper?

Contact: Annina Wyss-Lockner   

Email: for research help.

For writing help, make an appointment with the Writing Center

Verifying Peer Review

APA Citations

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) developed at Purdue University has online resources for planning a paper, organizing the paper, grammar and format assistance, etc.There is a major section on using APA style manual in writing papers.

Wake Forest University Library has a very easy to use tool for APA style questions.

 Another very useful guide to using APA has been developed at Nova University

Citation Managers

Literature Review

A brief but very helpful commentary on how to do a Literature Review has been done by University of North Carolina. 


Does this paper have any statements that could be interpreted as plagiarism?  Check out the brief tutorial on plagiarism to show the possible problems.