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Child & Adolescent Development

Potential Topics

Some potential topics from the course syllabus:

  • Effects of prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol
  • Relationship between maternal post-partum depression and child development
  • Relationship between early media exposure and child development
  • The role of father involvement in development
  • The role of gesture and emotion in early communication
  • Effects of early deprivation (or intervention) on development
  • Implications of cross-cultural variation in infant caregiving on development
  • Early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Early development of school readiness skills
  • Effects of breastfeeding
  • Effects of caregiver sensitivity/responsiveness
  • Effects of early childcare quality / early Home environment
  • Differences / Similarities between girls and boys under age 3

Tips for Research - Domain Keywords

Searching for a particular development domain? Here are some keywords to try for each!

Cognitive Domain

(e.g., thinking, learning, understanding, gaining knowledge, perceiving; ideas; beliefs; attitudes; identity formation; etc.)



(e.g., relationships with family, significant others, peers, classmates, professors, staff; interactions with others; group memberships and activities, cultural relationships, etc.)

Emotional Domain

(e.g., self-esteem, pride, shame, sympathy, empathy, mental health, stress, anxiety, joy, happiness, anger, hopelessness, etc.)

Physical/ Physiological Domain

(e.g., health (such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, STDs/HIV/AIDS), fitness, nutrition, physical activities, etc.)

Searching for Empirical Articles

Unfortunately there's no 'Empirical Article' button to click on our catalog or databases. Try adding some of the following as keywords in your search to find empirical studies:

  • Case Study

  • Empirical

  • Ethnography

  • Experiment

  • Field Study OR Fieldwork

  • Focus Group

  • Grounded Theory

  • Interview

  • Observation (Naturalistic, Participant)

  • Research (Action, Empirical, Evaluation, Mixed Methods, Participatory, Qualitative, Quantitative)

  • Questionnaire

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Survey (Mail, Online, Telephone)