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Child & Adolescent Development

Citing Data Sets

Example via OWL Purdue:

Format: Lastname, F. M. or Name of Group (Year). Title of dataset (Version No.) [Data set]. Publisher. DOI or URL

Example: Grantmakers in the Arts. (2019). Arts funding trends, United States, 1994-present (ICPSR 37337) [Data set]. National Archive of Data on Arts & Culture.

Background (Tertiary) Sources - Data and Statistics

Looking for data, statistics or more background research on your topic? Check out the following databases and government resources to search for reliable numbers on your topic.

Four Areas of Research

In this assignment, we are looking at four different areas of research relating to our topic. They are:

  • Negative developmental outcomes

  • Risk factors

  • Protective Factors

  • Prevention and/or intervention

Searching for Risk Factors

Most articles won't spell out that something is a risk factor for your topic, so it may be necessary to brainstorm keywords to help you find those articles. You may even come across research where something that looks like a risk factor is actually another one of the other three areas of research (e.g. a developmental outcome). 

For example, if I was trying to research what some potential risk factors for becoming an intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetrator, I could add into my search keywords such as: ("risk factor" OR "low self-esteem" OR "juvenile delinquency" OR "antisocial personality")