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Rapid Prototyping Lab


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Our Rapid Prototyping Lab has started a new program called, Student 2 Student (S2S). This program is geared towards creating student lead classes in various areas such as technologies, systems, and softwares. The goal was to develop a program that encourages innovation, creativity, and collaboration among students. We wanted to step outside of the traditional learning environment of a faculty or staff member lead lectures, and create something where students are the ones sharing their ideas and knowledge with their peers. 

For the Fall 2020 semester our classes revolved around the Internet of Things (IoTs). We hosted introductory classes on: Git and GitHub, Architecture and Components of IoTs, and Building your own Smart Device. Recording and information on our presenters can be found below.


Introductions to Internet of Things: Architecture and Components

By: Rahul Katkat; Graduate student studying towards his M.S. in Electrical Engineering

What is the Internet of Things? What's the IoT buzz all about? How does IoT work? This lecture is going to answer all these questions along with the discussions of examples. It will briefly cover the IoT architecture, its components, and the dataflow with system examples. You will be introduced with an easy way to get started in IoT hardware and software development. And finally an overview on networking methodologies, question of security in IoT, and some of the recent topics such as use of NLP in IoT. 


Introduction to Internet of Things: Git and GitHub

By: Anish Patel; Undergraduate student studying towards his B.S. In Software Engineering

What is GIT and GitHub? What does it help with? Why is it so widely used in the industry and what are the special functions it provides? In this lecture we answer these questions, take a look at the GitHub Structure, and see how it works. This session will also include important concepts of GitHub, for example: making a repository, creating a branch, etc. Finally, it will end with an explanation on how to install and set-up GitHub on Windows and a short demo.


Introduction to Internet of Things – Build your own Smart Device

By: Aswin Prasad; Graduate student studying towards his M.S. in Software Engineering

This session will serve as an Internet of things 101. It will go over how to build a smart device, and end with a demo on how to create your own smart home device using a Raspberry Pi computer.


Introduction to Circular Economy 

By: Megha Chaudhry; Graduate student studying towards her M.S. in Industrial Design

For years, humans have been using Earth's finite resources, however, not only are we using the resources and extracting materials for our personal use but we are also generating waste double the number of materials we are extracting. The concept of Circular Economy throws light on one of the most vital, emerging issues of waste generation in the world and explains the new model developed to cater to this problem.


Introduction to Edge Computing and Demo

By: Rahul Katkat; Graduate student studying towards his M.S. in Electrical Engineering

What is Edge Computing? Why is it important? How does it work? The lecture will answer some of these basic questions and introduce concepts with simple examples. After glancing over the concepts, we will build a demo edge computing device using the ESP-32 SoC. We will build a small AI model for speech recognition to switch the light ON/OFF, and run it in real time on ESP-32. The demo will showcase different components required for building edge computing use-case and easy steps for getting started with it!


Introduction to Python, the Easiest way to Start Programming

By: Aswin Prasad; Graduate student studying towards his M.S. in Software Engineering

Most people have heard about programming and though it’s difficult to get going, some recent changes in the Python programming language have made it easy for almost everyone to start from scratch. In this session we will introduce Python programming language, give a brief overview of what can be accomplished, and end the session with various resources that will help you in growing your knowledge about the Python programming language.




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