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3D Printing


We are closed for the

Summer 2021 semester


3D printing allows users to bring their visions to life by turning them into tangible three-dimensional objects. 3D printing takes a computer-aided design (CAD) file and creates a physical model layer by layer using selected material(s) (commonly using polymers such as PLA and ABS).

** 3D printing is free for all SJSU students, faulty and staff.


1. There is a maximum limit of 1 print per month per person.

2. Due to high demand, we limit the duration of each print to 6 hours maximum.

3. You must use your valid SJSU email to use this service.

*You may call us at (408) 808-2435 or email us at 
for additional information about printers, 
compatible files, and other technical questions.   

Helpful Tips for Fast Turnaround

  • We suggest downloading the free and easy to use Cura software to determine how long your file will take to produce prior to requesting time. This software is available for both Mac OS and Windows. Download it here.  
  • Double check to make sure you are submitting an .STL file, have all parts attached, and have selected the color. 
  • If you have any questions or are unsure about something, feel free to email us at


How to Use Cura to Check Print Time

We are closed for the Fall 2020 semester


1. All files must be submitted with proper dimensions (we only print at a 1:1 ration).

2. There is a maximum limit of 1 print per month per person.

3. We are currently limiting our booking slots to one per printer per day. Maximum print duration allowed is 6 hours. 

4. You must use a valid SJSU email to access this service.

Select an available date and time range by either clicking the, 'Schedule your print' tab. After selecting an open time slot you will be prompted to enter your namestudent/employee ID, and a valid SJSU email to complete the reservation. 



1. Upload your file using this request formYour file(s) must be in a .STL format. 

*Make sure your browsers is signed into your SJSU account. The form is restricted to SJSU domains only. 

We currently have the following color selections available: 

  • Blue  
  • Highlighter Yellow
  • Brown
  • Transparent 

2. Please click on the 'Pick up instructions' Tab

* You are not required to be around for the printing process.

*You may email us at for additional information about printer resins, compatible files, and other technical questions.

Modified Pick up Protocol 

This semester due to COVID our pick up procedures have been modified. To offer contactless services we will now be scheduling pick ups through our Fastenal lockers. These lockers are located on the first floor of the MLK Library South Foyer between the exterior and interior sliding doors. As SJSU student, staff, and faculty you will have access to this during limited days and hours as listed below in our table. Locker will be loaded every Tuesday and you will have 6 days to pickup your print. As a result of this and limited locker space your 3D print may take up to 3 weeks from the scheduled print date to receive. If you have firm deadlines we advise you submit your request a month in advance.



Access lockers through the campus-side entrance of the library. Enter the first set of sliding doors. Locker units will be on your left.


Monday-Thursday 9:00am-7:00pm

Saturday-Sunday 1:00pm-5:00pm

Print Turn Around Time 1-3 weeks
Locker Help


Once your print is complete you will receive two pick emails. One will be from vending@fastenalsolutions.comand it will have your pick up barcode (example below). You can either print out this email, have it on your phone, or manually enter the code onto the locker number pad. Once the code is scanned or entered the locker with your item will open, and you can retrieve your print. Please make sure to close the locker door once the item is picked up. The second email you receive will explain the pick up protocol in details. If you are missing either emails please contact us at