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SJSU Deep Humanities and the Arts Initiative

H&A’s Deep Humanities and the Arts Initiative and Lecture Series is a series of public lectures, roundtables, and public discussions that draw upon the humanities to frame our understanding of ethical and social impacts of modern digital technologies.


HathiTrust LogoThe HathiTrust Digital Library ( contains over 17 million freely available books, journals, government documents, and more. This webinar introduces off-the-shelf tools from the HathiTrust Research Center that can be used to analyze the contents of this massive digital library.

Presented on April 8, 2020, this webinar adapts a presentation given at the University of Hawaii on April 9, 2019 by Eleanor Dickson Koehl of the Hathitrust Research Center.

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As part of the library's expanding support for DH, we are adding LibGuides on selected topics and platforms.