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Game Studies

Resources for interdisciplinary game studies

Game Studies

Games studies is a highly interdisciplinary topic; as such, this guide will direct you to a variety of resources, including computer science, design and business. 

Opportunities at SJSU

At San José State University, the CADRE (Computers in Arts, Design, Research and Education) Media Lab provides opportunities for Digital Media Art students to practice and study video games. The university also has a Game Development Club, which is open to all majors.

The King Library Experimental Virtual Reality (KLEVR) Lab provides a new form of learning and instruction through the use of AR and VR technologies. Students and faculty can learn in an interactive, experiential environment or develop their own projects.

There are several for-credit game studies classes:

Johan Huizinga

Johan Huizinga was a historian and cultural theorist whose book, Homo Ludens, discusses the role of play in society. The following articles summarize and comment upon Huizinga's work.

Article Databases

Articles like the two above can be found in the library's subscription databases.

Using the Library

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