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LRDC Materials

This research guide provides links to timely documents from the California Department of Education. The SJSU Library is a Learning Resource Display Center (LRDC).

California Math Adopted Instructional Materials

CDE-Mathematics: Information regarding mathematics for all California public school students emphasizing computational and procedural skills, conceptual understanding, and problem solving.

In 2020, the SBE and CDE will begin the process of revising the Mathematics Curriculum Framework. There will be opportunities to participate in this process, via focus groups and the framework committee, and relevant information is available at the link above (see the subsequent curriculum framework link). The SBE will take action on that revised Framework in mid-2021, and the mathematics instructional materials adoption will follow in 2022.

Mathematics Framework TimelineSchedule of significant events was approved by the SBE on May 8, 2019, pending funding in the state budget for the framework revision.