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LRDC Materials

This research guide provides links to timely documents from the California Department of Education. The SJSU Library is a Learning Resource Display Center (LRDC).

California Health Adopted Instructional Materials

CDE-Health: Information on Health education content standards, curriculum, frameworks, and instructional materials for improving student academic achievement.

The SBE considered for adoption a new Health Curriculum Framework on May 8-9, 2019. This Framework includes a chapter for instructional materials evaluation criteria, which the SBE and CDE will utilize during the 2020 Health Instructional Materials Adoption.

The 2020 Health Education Adoption Timeline-California 2020 Health Instructional Materials Adoption Schedule of Significant Events. Approved by the State Board of Education on March 13, 2019.

Update: CDE has determined that there is a lack of publisher interest in the 2020 Health Instructional Materials Adoption which warrants canceling the adoption. Consequently, all intervening dates and deadlines specified in the adoption’s Schedule of Significant Events are hereby suspended.