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Advanced Google

Created by Anamika Megwalu & Mansi Warde (Student)

Google Trends and Alerts

Google Trends is a numeric/historic representation of the relative volumes of searches made on Google. It creates indices that show trending data instead of actual volume.

Using Trends

  • Go to and search for a word. You can add additional words to search for trends.
  • You can compare by Region(or countries), timeframe, category and type of search(web, image, news, shopping and youtube)
  • You can create charts and Google Trends will create a code which will help you embed the chart on your website. Or download the graphs as a CSV. Or Share it on any social media.



Create alerts to keep yourself notified of certain events.

  • You can create an alert for news, blogs, video, books, discussions, finance, web or some/all of these options.
  • Set how often you receive an alert.
  • Select if you want the alert to be delivered to your RSS feed or sent to you by e-mail.
  • Customize individual alerts.

Using Alerts 

  1. Go to
  2. Type in "Pixel 3" or any other alert you wish to create. Click on Create alert.
  3. Your alert has been created in My alerts tab. Click on the pencil icon to customize the alert. 
    Here you can set your preferences for the alert. 
  4. Click on Update alert to apply the preferences set by you. 

Now every time a news, video or article regarding the Pixel 3 is updated on the web you are notified of the same.