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Advanced Google

Created by Anamika Megwalu & Mansi Warde (Student)

Classroom Features

Google Classroom is a learning management system (LMS) by Google. It includes all the key features that any learning management system would include, plus multiple special features which let you harness the power of Google. With Classroom, teachers can create classes, assignments, and quizzes for students to view them. 
Special Features:

  1. Available as an app for Android and iOS.
  2. Easy to organize and manage the classes, assignments, and grades. The graphical interface of the classroom is integrated with other Google apps like the Google drive. 
  3. Ability to integrate with other apps.
  4. Teachers and students can share their postings with others.

Cost: Free as long as users have a Google account.

Once the students and teachers have signed in to Classroom, a folder named Classroom is created on the Google Drive. Inside the Classroom folder, folders for all classes are created. These class folders contain all the class resources.


  1. You can create and manage multiple classes.
  2. Each class can be customized to a particular theme.
  3. You can include a wide range of resources (Upload files/ Share URL/ Share Videos from YouTube and images) for each chapter/topic within a class. You can also upload all the files or resources at once in the drive.
  4. You may Invite/Remove students or even teachers. To add students/teachers you can either send them an invite or give them the class code.
  5. You may transfer the ownership of a class.
  6. Classes can be deleted if they no longer exist or they can be achieved.
  7. You can create announcements, assignments, and questions. All materials created can be reused across classes.


  1. To join a class you need a class code or an invitation from your teacher.
  2. You have access to class resources set up by your teacher and are stored on Google drive.
  3. You can view archived classes. They are not visible on the dashboard. The dashboard shows only current courses. You can find archived classes in the menu section.
  4. You can un-enroll from any class anytime.


  1. You can create interactive assignments and questions (with a short answer or MCQ).
  2. You can use Google Forms to create quizzes.
  3. Assignments can be posted to one or more student accounts.
  4. You may schedule an assignment to appear on students' dashboard on a specified date.
  5. You can include Google docs within an assignment description for students to edit and return.
  6. The assignment Description may include a file upload/file from drive/YouTube video/ URL.


  1. To Submit an assignment you can:
    1. Add a file from your Drive
    2. Add a link to your work
    3. Upload a file from your machine(computer/Android/iOS)
    4. Take photos and videos to submit an assignment(Android/iOS)
    5. Create Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Drawings to submit.
  2. You can convert files to Google editable format while uploading them. (An extension for the same will be needed.)


  1. You can customize grade points
  2. Draft grades and share later with the students and guardians
  3. You may add comments/annotations to individual student work.
  4. You can edit students' grades and also view the grade history.
  5. All grades can be exported in CSV file or can be copied to Google Sheets.
  6. You can get a single view of students work.


  1. You can see all the grades returned by the teacher.
  2. You can add comments on individual assignments or class forum.


  1. You can post announcements for your students.
  2. You can share web pages with your students and view recently shared pages.
  3. Send emails to students about their grades, upcoming assignments, and class activities while you are in the Classroom.


  1. You can post a class stream and comment or reply to an existing post. You posting may include file upload/drive contents/YouTube video/URL.
  2. You can mention classmates in your posts using ‘@’.
  3. You can share web pages with your teachers.
  • Students can take notes using the tools available on the mobile app. They can underline, highlight text or draw shapes. These tools will work with Google Docs files, PDF, and MS Office documents.
  • Due dates for the assignments can be viewed on the class calendar.