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Advanced Google

Created by Anamika Megwalu & Mansi Warde (Student)

Types of Search

Google Patent Search

Google Patents url:

It is a quick and easy way to look for patents. Google patents database is built using patents from 17 patent offices* around the world. The database contains over 87 million patent publications including.

  • Full-test documentation
  • Figures
  • Original PDF version
  • Metadata
  • Citations

Search Techniques

  1. You can directly type text in the search bar. The search engine splits search strings and searches individual keywords in the search string. Similar to Google Web Search (Click Smart Search tab to learn more)
  2. You can search for a patent using metadata keywords such as the inventor’s name, patent publication date, the country where the patent was published (Click Advanced Search tab to learn more)
  3. You can directly type the patent publication or application number.

*United States, Europe, Japan, China, South Korea, 
WIPO, Russia, Germany, The United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

  • Using ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ operators.
    Example: virtual AND augmented OR reality
  • Proximity operators 
    • NEARx
      Use: x words away in any order.
      This will return patents containing the words “computer simulation” and “game”. And they are a maximum of 3 words apart.  For example “computer simulation” NEAR3 “game” will show results containing:
      computer simulation game [0 words apart]
      computer simulation video game [1 word apart]
      computer game and computer simulation [3 words apart; notice the sequence of keywords have changed but the sequence of “computer simulation” remains the same because of the quotes]

Note: All search operators should be in capitalized form.  

Note: Wildcards, AJD, AJDx, AJD/x, +xw, NEAR, NEAR/x, / xw, WITH and SAME are not robust search operators and do not work consistently.

  • Search for inventors => inventor:<text>
    Example: inventor:”John Bardeen”
  • Search for assignees => assignee:<text>
    Example: assignee:”JAST Gifts (Shenzhen) Company Limited”
  • Search before filing date => before:<date>
    Example: before:”2018”
  • Search after filing date => after:<date>
    Example: after:”2017”
  • Search by country => country:<text>
    Example: country:DE
    United States-US, Europe-EP, Japan-JP, China-CN, South Korea-KR, WIPO-WO, Russia-RU, Germany-DE, The United Kingdom-GB, Canada-CA, France-FR, Spain-ES, Belgium-BE, Denmark-DK, Finland-FI, Luxembourg-LU and The Netherlands-NL.
  • Search by status => status:<text>
    Example: status:pending
    The status of a patent may be pending or grant.
  • Search by language =>
    Example: language:German
    The search results here will contain patents in the German language
    Search using CPC codes => cpc:DE201720103662

Note:  Using TI=<text>, AB=<text>, and CL=<text> to search title, abstract and claims may generate inconsistent result. 

Instead of typing the keywords you can fill the respective fields available on the left. These can be viewed after you search your first keyword.