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Ed.D Research Resources

Links to scholarly articles, books, dissertations, statistics, policy, etc.

Submitting your work to ERIC

ERIC is an excellent source for journal articles, conference papers, and other documents. If you would like your research added to this great database, consider submitting it to ERIC for review. This tutorial helps you submit your document.

Assignment Calculator

Estimate the time you will need to complete your research with our Assignment Calculator.


Writing Resources

Wake Forest University Library has a very easy to use tool for APA style.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) developed at Purdue University has online resources for planning a paper, organizing the paper, grammar and format assistance, etc.

 Plagiarism tutorial is an interactive tool to help students understand the concepts of acceptable citing versus plagiarized citing.

 A very useful guide to using APA has been developed at Nova University

The University of North Carolina has a good handout on developing and writing a Literature Review

APA and adding DOI to references


The library does not keep a list of recommended proofreaders. However, visit Uloops for SJSU at for a list of people with their self-posted qualifications. 

Publishing Resources

Top Journals - from Google Scholar