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BUS5 147: Service Operations Management

A guide to resources to help you in your research

Topics and Search Terms

The following may help you identify your topic, or provide you with search terms to try in the library databases. 

ou can research service operations processes by combining the process (for example, "inventory management") with the company or industry name (for example, Marriott or "hospitality industry"). Here's a list of some service operation topics you can use in your search:

"capacity planning"
"consumer behavior"
"customer relations"
"customer satisfaction"
"customer services"
"quality of service"
"service blueprint"
"service concept"
"service delivery"
"service encounters"
"service inventory"
"service process"
"service quality"
"service strategy"
“capacity management”
“facility layout”
“facility location”
“inventory management”
“operations scheduling”
"process flows"
"process improvement"
“productivity improvement”
"queuing models"
"supply and demand"
“supplier selection”

Do use the quotation  marks. This will tell the database that you are searching for a phrase, not two separate words wherever they appear.

If these don't work for you, try synonyms or brainstorm other phrases then combined with your company or industry name.