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Online Students' Guide

Services and resources for students and faculty in distance programs or distance courses.

Writing Tutors & Resources

SJSU's Writing CenterPicture of a pencil

Need help on your paper? Set up a 45-minute online appointment with a writing tutor:

No time? The Writing Center also offers handouts and video tutorials with quick writing advice and tips. 

24/7 Writing Help Online

The Excelsior OWL is unique in its multimedia support for writers. It offers a wide variety of interactive multimedia activities, quizzes, videos, interactive PDFs, and games – all designed to help writers understand important concepts about writing. Topics include the writing process, grammar essentials, and more.

Writing Your Paper

Avoid Plagiarism

The Plagiarism--Graduate Level tutorial explores plagiarism, paraphrasing, and citing sources. Includes a pre-test, graded quiz, and paraphrasing practice exercises. Click the link below to begin.