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Online Students' Guide

Services and resources for students and faculty in distance programs or distance courses.

Where Do I Find Articles?

OneSearch logoUse OneSearch to find articles, books and more.

Use the All Subjects filter to find article databases in your specific subject area.

Not sure where to begin? Our Research Guides by Subject help you through the process.

But what if the article isn't immediately available through SJSU? Use Interlibrary Loan. They will scan the article and send it to you as a PDF for free! Follow the steps listed below.


Making an Interlibrary Loan Request

Online students and faculty can use Interlibrary Loan to get articles not available through the King Library. This is a free service, and the articles will be sent to your Interlibrary Loan accounts as PDFs. You will receive an email notifying you when they are ready. Interlibrary Loan can also be used for physical books; please click here for more information.


To use Interlibrary Loan, please first set up your account by following steps below:

1.  Log in using your SJSUOne ID and password.

2.  Complete your user profile. IMPORTANT: If you are in an SJSU online program, fill in the following fields this way:

  • Status (choose one of the following): SJSU Distance Graduate Student, SJSU Distance Undergraduate, SJSU Faculty
  • Library: SJSU/King Library
  • Preferred Loan Delivery Method: Mail to Address (this is for physical books; it will not affect articles, book chapters, conference papers, or theses as those will be sent to you online as PDFs


Requesting the Article

1. In your Interlibrary Loan account, click on "New Requests" and select "Article."

Article request in Interlibrary Loan

2. On the next page, fill in the information required in the fields marked with a red asterisk (*). 

3. Click on "Submit Request."

4. The article will be sent as a PDF usually within 1 to 3 days. After you receive an email saying it is ready, you can access it in your Interlibrary Loan Account under "Electronically Received Articles." Click on "View" and the PDF will open.

Opening an electronically received article in Interlibrary Loan account.